EXCLUSIVE! The Above & Beyond Black History Month Calendar + Workbook is live!

Get a sneak peek at the content of the 2nd edition of the Above and Beyond Black History Month Calendar + Workbook.


Download the 2nd Edition of the Above and Beyond Black History Month Calendar + Workbook at https://gumroad.com/l/AboveBeyondBHM . This is a collaboration between Tamisha Williams Consulting and Chéleah Googe of Work Beyond the Work.

It’s here! It’s live! It’s ready for you to engage.

Sneak Peek Inside the Calendar

Chéleah and I have been working for several weeks to update last year’s Above and Beyond Black History Month Calendar. And I must say, we did an incredible job! The 2nd edition has a whole new look, a fresh logo, and invites you to reflect in the moment by turning into a workbook if you so choose.

Enjoy this sneak peek into the 2nd edition.

Then go check out the Above and Beyond Black History Month Calendar + Workbook for yourself! This is a donation-based resource. Chéleah and I are appreciative of any monetary donations, but if you aren’t able to give monetarily, we appreciate you sharing our work with others.

The Fresh Logo

I mentioned earlier that this year’s calendar has a fresh logo. Let me share a bit about it:

I illustrated this logo to include a representation of the Sankofa symbol, used by the Akan people of Ghana. Sankofa speaks to embracing one’s heritage and using the wisdom gained from the past to build a stronger today. In the center of the image are the hands of a clock, speaking to history over time.

New Learnings

I learned the most while curating content on Freedmen for February 22nd. I recently started following an account on Twitter (@ChoctawFreedmen) that is dedicated to sharing the history of and advocating for Choctaw and Chickasaw Freedman and their descendants. The knowledge gained isn’t something I can unlearn and adds another layer of understanding into the history of the development of this nation.

My Favorite Day

One of my favorite days in the calendar is February 24th, which has a focus on education, specifically looking at the history of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). It’s my favorite because I could spend HOURS jamming to the music of the marching bands that are featured on that day. My February workout days might just turn into me taking lessons from the dance squads on those videos!

Above and Beyond

Chéleah and I named the calendar Above and Beyond because we hope this resource isn’t something you rush through, skim, or only use this February. We also hope it inspires you to go above and beyond what you normally think about and hear about when Black history is discussed. We also invite you to go Above and Beyond just taking in the information shared. Reflect, read, listen, and then ACT! I always say, “Do this work in Community,” because it’s so important that we don’t try to learn new ways of being and unlearn deeply engrained lessons in isolation. Talk about this calendar with others (use #AboveAndBeyondBHM on social media), share your learnings, and do something different based on your learnings.

I’m excited for you to dive in, so I’ll stop here…

Take care. Stay well.

Tamisha (and Chéleah)