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A resource for AAPI solidarity, tip for processing anger, + a BIG announcement!

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A resource for AAPI solidarity

“The very serious function of racism … is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. - Toni Morrison

The rise in anti-Asian violence since the start of this pandemic has been on my heart since last spring. In my Summer WORKbook for Educators, I shared ways for educators to engage in anti-racist reflection, solidarity work for BIPOC communities, and bystander training. And still, there’s so much more work to be done. Violence against our AAPI community members doesn’t exist in isolation. We must remain vigilant in the ways that we contribute to anti-Asian sentiment, erasure, and discrimination.

I created this document to bring together resources that I am learning from and will continue to learn from as I acknowledge my lack of and limited knowledge about Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) history and lived experiences.

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I’ve curated resources highlighting AAPI history, debunking the myth about “the Model Minority,” sharing bystander intervention training and tips for allyship, as well as specific resources for educators and caregivers. This is a starting point and a resource to return to over time. This work is never done.
#StopAsianHate #DismantleWhiteSupremacy

Reflections on processing anger and healing

I’ve been angry lately yall.

I’ve been angry because I’ve been waking up and going to sleep to news of anti-Asian violence, widespread voter restriction laws, anti-transgender legislation, and hearing traumatic highlights from Derek Chauvin’s trial.

I’ve been disappointed and upset at expectations that weren’t met and feedback not addressed. Frustrated to see unethical and inequitable practices continue to flourish in our schools and organizations, as they publicly name their commitment to equity and anti-racism.

I’ve been exasperated reading blogs like this one by Dr. Erica Buchanan-Rivera and this one by Akailah Jenkins McIntyre, this thread by Charity Freeman, this article sharing about Dr. Dena Simmon’s departure from Yale, and this new piece by Youki Terada, that all highlight why Black educators and DEI practitioners, especially Black women, are leaving schools and organizations…seeing the patterns in my own crossroads of peers and colleagues across the nation. I see you sisters (not just cisters).

“Black teachers often feel that their contributions aren’t acknowledged, their competence is unfairly questioned, or their assertiveness is perceived as aggression or anger. Ultimately, experiencing microaggressions on a regular basis can make teachers feel like second-class citizens in the school community.” (Why Black Teachers Walk Away)

My anger has been exhausting and time-consuming, distracting, and a powerful catalyst for change.

I know I’m not alone in struggling with anger and disappointment, so I’m sharing a tool for processing anger and shifting towards healing; letter writing. My mind can go a million miles per hour rehearsing scenarios of ways I want to re-address a situation that made me upset or do over a moment where I didn’t stand up for myself or others. I have quite a few tools I turn to, but I find it especially helpful to write down (or draw) my feelings and responses.

Writing/drawing helps me get EVERYTHING out. I don’t edit myself, I just let things pour out. I may edit it down if I choose to actually share it with the person who caused me harm, but 99% of the time, I’m writing these for myself, not to hand over. I find it to be a powerful tool for recalling and reflecting on what occurred and what I was feeling. Feelings come up that I wasn’t aware of at the moment, making me wonder what my body language and tone may have communicated that I didn’t share verbally.

And lastly, if I have the opportunity to address the person(s) that caused me harm, having already thoroughly processed my feelings creates room for me to be more present and speak from a place of empowerment. Below are excerpts from a past letter, digitally transformed. I think I’ll do letter writing on my Surface more often!


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Ok, if you’ve made it this far, your eyes deserve a rest!

Sending you all love, light, peace, and joy.

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