May+June/July-ish 2020: Community

Let's do this WORK in Community. Invitation inside.

Show up. Show up and

T. Williams

TL;DR : The world is imploding. Community keeps me grounded. Join the Community I’m building around my Summer WORKbook for Educators below.

So we’re at the end of June yall. We’re halfway through 2020 and we’re fully imploded.

I started 2020 off with the theme of HOPE, recognizing that I needed to lean into HOPE more to ensure that I didn’t easily settle into complacency and doubt about my purpose and ability to create change and make shifts in our deep-rooted and thick mess of a world.

My HOPE, like so many, was tested so early on…I got stopped right in my tracks. This year has been a piling on of sickness and loss in so many layered ways. I’m grateful that I’m surrounded by Community who reminded me to keep my head up, my heart open, my spirit willing. “Radical thought, radical relationships, radical creativity,” they said…and I listened. (Thank you Dee!)


As state violence and the murders of Black folx increased, publicly, blatantly, and without care or remorse.
As Black trans folx murders continued to be dismissed and not spoken of (the painful silence within our own Black Community).
As anti-Asian and anti-Black violence escalated in relationship to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each day I found it imperative to be intentional about caring for myself, giving myself space to process and feel, and narrowing my focus to what mattered at the moment until I had the capacity to give more creative thought to things beyond the now. I surrounded myself with Community and we held each other through our rage and deep sadness. We shared moments of joy and laughter to remind us that we are still here, breathing, and must center that joy as we continue this fight.

That Community checked me when I was doubting my ability to impact change, affirmed me when I was hesitant about sharing my gifts, and poured love and HOPE into our conversations, which kept me fortified.

Understanding the impact it had on me, I would love to build a grounding Community with you through a summer series I’m offering. Scroll below for more information on how to get connected.

Quick personal update:

I’m from Virginia. I’m back in Virginia. I transitioned from my role in San Francisco in June and today I started my new role as Director of Equity & Community Initiatives at an independent school in Northern VA. I’ll largely use my consulting platform to share resources and tools (that I come across or that I create) as I get settled into my new role and school community. Other consulting services will take a bit of a backseat and will depend on my capacity as I transition into this new role.

Featured Resource: Summer WORKbook for Educators Meetup

First, THANK YOU for all of the support for the WORKbook. It’s officially international! Over 800+ folx are engaging with the WORKbook, so let’s not be isolated with our reflections and learnings. If you’re WORKing through the Summer WORKbook for Educators and are looking for a space to share out and process with other educators, this invitation is for you. 👉🏾 The first WORKbook Virtual Meetup.

🎨 : me Image description: In a gold box, the text reads, “Using the framework of the ‘Onward’ (Aguilar) habits and dispositions for June, July, and August and rooted in culturally responsive education, this WORKbook includes….” Underneath it is a brown box with an image of a brain, a thought bubble with a heart in it, and two foot prints. The sections of the WORKbook are listed beside the images. To the right of the brown box reads, “A Summer WORKbook for Educators VIRTUAL MEETUP.”

Featured Downloadable: A Bundle of Reflections

This is a period of reflection for me (action without reflection has me tripping over myself). As an educator, summer makes space for reflection and renewal so I can change course and create for the fall. This spring I illustrated 7 of my favorite reflection prompts; my go-to closing exercises to create space for personal reflection and meaningful dialogue. Here’s a direct link to the Bundle of Reflections with a sneak peek of Glows and Grows:

🎨 : me Image description: There's a picture of a box that's opened up with colorful bursts flying out of it. Each burst has a different reflection listed on it. There's a thought bubble that says, "Hmm...."

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Until next time, take care (of yourself and others around you),


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